Tuesday, September 30, 2008


My mom and sister told me about these and I just had to check them out. These are so funny! I would totally get some if I knew Maddy wouldn't grow out of them in a day with her big feet. (= Maddy is on her way to size 4 shoes and she is not even 6 months. Crazy!
Super cute! They are called Heelarious her first heels. These are great!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Maddy's first bites!

So we got the ok from the doc today to start Maddy on Rice Cereal. I don't think she really likes it that much! By the way, Maddy is still in the 99% in height for her age at 26.75 inches tall, and 50% in wieght at 14lbs 2 oz. She is super tall and thin, but we'll fatten her up as soon as she learns rice cereal is really good! Tony wouldn't even taste it after the faces Maddy was giving. (=

Portraits Portraits Portraits...

All of a sudden after taking a little break from photography, I have been actually shooting alot of portraits. I haven't had much time to get them online, but finally here are some highlights of the last couple portrait sessions I shot. Enjoy!
Some of our best friends The Blume Family at Corona Del Mar...
Ruby and Gus... Ruby hammed it up and stole the show, but Gus was still super cute!

And then there was little Avyn, I think her pictures say it all...

But still the cutest baby of all... (I am biased), is still little Maddy. (=