Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Come on Over!

This has been along time coming, but FINALLY my new photography blog is up and running! It's still a work in progess, a logo revamt and more are all coming soon! But I couldn't wait any longer!

Be sure to add my new link to your blogs to keep updated on all the fun shoot features coming your way!

And Maybe, just Maybe a you'll find a PORTRAIT GIVEAWAY coming soon!

You might also get a little bit of this...

And a little bit of that...Visit me now at!

Shout out to my sis for finding these cute monkey hats on Etsy...

See you on the other side!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Minnie Cooper

So our little Minnie Cooper has been missing for 2 nights now. Her collar was returned to us after being found in the street, but no Minnie in sight. She may be gone for good, but I thought we would at least put out fliers to see if anyone has any info on her. I told Maddy we were going to put up fliers to help find Minnie and we have the cutest converstion...

"Mommy are you sad?" -Maddy
"No, I just miss our Minnie cat." -Me
"Do you need a kiss?" -Maddy
"Yes!" (kisses) -Me
"YAY! I made Mommy happy! Mommy's Happy!" -Maddy
"We still have Mungo mommy." -Maddy

How cute that at only 2 Maddy can already rationalize that at least we still have Mungo (her bff white kitty)...

Mungo actually came with us on our walk today to tape up fliers. He follows Maddy everywhere. So cute! Hopefully his sister Minnie will show up soon!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Forget the Cookie Jar...

Who stole the tomato from the fruit bowl?
This little girl cannot get enough of tomatoes! It's good I guess... except when you find a bite out of every tomato in the bowl, or when your neighbors complain of bites out of every tomato on their tomato vines, or when she's running through the house with this...
Yea, that's always fun!

We can't keep enough tomatoes stocked up in this household! Donations are always welcome! (Thanks grandma!)