Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Minnie Cooper

So our little Minnie Cooper has been missing for 2 nights now. Her collar was returned to us after being found in the street, but no Minnie in sight. She may be gone for good, but I thought we would at least put out fliers to see if anyone has any info on her. I told Maddy we were going to put up fliers to help find Minnie and we have the cutest converstion...

"Mommy are you sad?" -Maddy
"No, I just miss our Minnie cat." -Me
"Do you need a kiss?" -Maddy
"Yes!" (kisses) -Me
"YAY! I made Mommy happy! Mommy's Happy!" -Maddy
"We still have Mungo mommy." -Maddy

How cute that at only 2 Maddy can already rationalize that at least we still have Mungo (her bff white kitty)...

Mungo actually came with us on our walk today to tape up fliers. He follows Maddy everywhere. So cute! Hopefully his sister Minnie will show up soon!

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Brooks and Nikki said...

That is so sad Michelle. I hope you find her! Hope your girls are doing good! =)