Friday, February 17, 2012

Back to School Night...

Maddy was so excited to show off all the fun projects she had been working on at her Preschool.  She got all dressed up and waited for daddy to come home.  We had to park far away and walk to the preschool since there were so many people attending back to school night.  When we finally got to her door the lights were off.  Yes, I guess I didn't get the memo.  Preschool back to school night was only from 5-5:30, not 5-7:30 like I had thought.  So no pictures from the back to school night that we didn't attend.  Sad.  But here is Maddy posing with her frozen yogurt afterwards!  And all is forgotten! haha.


There is a little park on the way to Maddy's preschool we call Squirel park.  Everytime we go by there at hundreds of squirels just running around the grass.  I thought I would be a fun mom and get some peanuts so the girls could feed the squirels after preschool.  They were so excited.  At first the squirels would run out and grab the peanuts and then run back into their holes.  Then they started getting really friendly and all the squirels started coming out for free peanuts!  The girls were loving it!

They just kept coming and coming... Then a man walking by came up to me and reminded me that some squirels can carry rabies.  Ahhh... It kind of freaked me out and by then the squirrels were getting reallllly friendly and Mika really wanted to pet one... I told the girls it was time to go!  The squirrels started following us so we walked faster ... Maddy kept asking "What did the man say mommy? Why do we have to go?"  I just kept saying it was time for the squirels naps... not sure if we will do that again!  Though it was fun for a little while! ha.

Painting our lemonade stand!

We've been working on this for a week or 2 now.. still painting!  Maddy LOVES to help!  And she's pretty good at it too!  She is super excited for it to be done and keeps yelling to people walking by..."I have a fruit stand!!! This is my fruit stand!"  It's so funny.  She's excited!

Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!  We had so much fun today...

We went to Maddy's preschool party and Mika got to join in on the cookie decorating...

 Then Maddy got to take turn with all her classmates and put the cute little Valentines goodies she made with me in each class members goodie bag...
 We took this super cute picture and cut it into little hearts and attached them to little treat bags filled with Valentine's kisses... Maddy had so much fun and actually had to write her own name on each one!  17 times!
 After the party with our messy hands, I just though this was a cute picture of Maddy and Mika in the little bathrooms at her school...
 Tony and I gave the girls their little Valentine's cards that had little buttons in them that played music which they loved, then left them with a babysitter and actually went out on a date!  It was so much fun.  The sad thing is I really can't remember the last time I went out with just Tony and I.  It was long overdue.  We went to Roy's (with a gift card! ha.) and then to see the movie "This is War" which was super cute.  The only thing was during the movie we were getting texts that the power in Huntington Beach went out.  The babysitter and girls got scared and camped out at our neighbors.  Luckily we got to  finish our movie at least thanks to our awesome neighbors... we needed that night!  Hope everyone else had a wonderful Valentines!

Maddy's Friend Audrey's Princess Birthday Party

So excited to go to her best little Preschool friends princess party.  Come as a princess!  Maddy's dream come true.  Since this is how she dresses everyday a thousand times over! (:

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Shhh... My babies sleeping!.. February 8, 2012

The mommy princess was dressed for the day and it was nap time for her baby.  The door was closed, the lights were off and as I peeked into the room to check on her sleeping "baby" this is what I found...

Disneyland with the cousins! January 31, 2012

 Love this series of pics!  Love these crazy little 1 year olds!

 Mika was scared of Mickey mouse, she's my little cling-on.  I remember when Maddy was this age, she loved Mickey.  Once she ran up to him and yelled "Daddy daddy!" ha.  It was hilarious.  I guess I should be happy Mika loves me more than Mickey...

 Mika is driving.  Maddy's face says it all! hahaha...

Maddy and her "baby"... January 28, 2012

Hot Fun in the Winter Time? ha. January 27, 2012

After Another fun day at the beach, it's all about the popsicles in our princess fort (swingset) and sunglasses!  Love Huntington Beach!