Friday, February 17, 2012


There is a little park on the way to Maddy's preschool we call Squirel park.  Everytime we go by there at hundreds of squirels just running around the grass.  I thought I would be a fun mom and get some peanuts so the girls could feed the squirels after preschool.  They were so excited.  At first the squirels would run out and grab the peanuts and then run back into their holes.  Then they started getting really friendly and all the squirels started coming out for free peanuts!  The girls were loving it!

They just kept coming and coming... Then a man walking by came up to me and reminded me that some squirels can carry rabies.  Ahhh... It kind of freaked me out and by then the squirrels were getting reallllly friendly and Mika really wanted to pet one... I told the girls it was time to go!  The squirrels started following us so we walked faster ... Maddy kept asking "What did the man say mommy? Why do we have to go?"  I just kept saying it was time for the squirels naps... not sure if we will do that again!  Though it was fun for a little while! ha.

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Kristin said...

So funny Michelle! Your girls are so beautiful.