Friday, January 13, 2012


 Another AMAZINGly perfect day at the beach with good friends.  It was so beautiful and perfect!
I loved this pic.  I wish you could see all the seagulls trying to get close to steal those goldfish crackers all over Mika's belly.  If I would have zoomed out more you could've seen the 20 birds Maddy was shooing away being the "Mika Protector" and keeping them away from the Mika bird bait trap.


 We got to shoot our little friend Brynlee's 3 Year pics down in San Juan Capistrano today.  It was such a beautiful day!  After the shoot, we played on the playground, swung, ate at Pedro's tacos yummmm! And then went to feed the fish at the San Juan Mission.  It was such a perfect little morning!  Mika was a little angel!  I didn't even know who she was!  She was such a little sweetie and sat in her stroller for a whole hour while I took pics of Brynlee.  I loved playing with my girls so much today!

Later on Maddy was having a little sad moment, and she said the only thing that would make her happy was to make Baby Cakes.  My mom give me this cool little baby cake maker that takes literally 3 minutes to make these perfect little cupcakes!  We wipped some up and Maddy was all smiles the rest of the night!  Maddy loves to help in the kitchen and now Mika has been joining in!  Mika mostly just spooned heaps of cake batter in her mouth while Maddy and I spooned cake batter into the Baby Cakes cooker thingee.  We had fun! Such a good day!

Tuesday Happenings..

I love mornings with my girls.  Most mornings I get to wake up to one or ALOT of Maddy's new "projects" she makes for me before I wake up.  This morning she made me a gold metallic necklace out of the Gold Playdoh Grandma Nuttall gave her for xmas.  *Disclaimer...don't judge my photography!  These are all shot with my crappy phone camera!  (: ha!

Then off to school!  I just thought Maddy was so cute this morning!  She rarely wears shorts since she always has to wear tights and skirts, but I just love her little legs and she was so happy and cute out the door we had to snap some quick pics!

 Then cute little Mika stole Maddy's lunchbox like she steals everything else from Maddy, but surprisingly no yelling or tears! Just happy smiles for pictures!  Love this shot!
 It is so hard for Mika to go with my to take Maddy to school.  She really just wants to do everything that her sissy does, and I have to pull her away crying EVERY single time!  It's so hard!  She loves Maddy very much, though who knows when she will ever start sharing with her!  Love my girls!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Loving a little Disneyland!

Maddy Loving Disney Junior Live!  Her favorite show of all!  We can't miss collecting all the gold deblumes from the Jake and the Neverland Pirates treasure chest. She captures them and brings them home to glue to her "projects."   Love her face!  Can't wait to get my new camera back from the repair shop so I can actually take some good pics!  Yes, my NEW camera is in the shop getting fixed.  1 week old camera and little Mika decides to throw a handful of sand straight at my face and the camera while I was taking her pic at the beach.  And it broke... !
Hopefully I'll get it back this week and go crazy taking pics of our little daily adventures!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Beach Day!

Yesterday I didn't have my camera with me, but luckily my good friend Laura backed me up with these sweet images of us having a perfect day at the beach with our friends.   The weather was amazing!  We were loving it!  And I loved the naps afterwards!  Love Huntington Beach!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Princess Mika..

While Maddy was away at preschool Mika wanted to put on all her princess gear Santa brought her. As a professional photographer it's so hard for me to post pics that aren't retouched and perfect! But I thought I should just post Mika as she is in all her cuteness, dirty face and all. These are straight from the camera! I love getting one on one time with my girls! Mika was loving all the mommy attention! Love her!

My attempt at 1 photo a day is so hard! How do you pick just 1 photo? I'm going to work on it! ha!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Little Mommies

Our morning... filled with clothes clothes and baby dolls. I loved this morning...

Notice Mika in her babies high chair instead of her baby doll. She actually does not like to share the high chair with even her baby doll. If you try to put her baby in the high chair she gets so jealous it's hilarious. Mika watches TV in the high chair even or just sits in it to make sure nothing or no one else will. I'm glad she likes it so much! haha.

Maddy on the other hand is such a sweet little mommy. Btw, Maddy named both baby dolls. Mika's bitty baby's name is "Cherry" and Maddy's baby's name is "Madeline." Maddy helps get both babies dressed for bed most nights and gets them dressed for the day and even cooks them breakfast. It's so cute!

Monday, January 2, 2012

My New attempt at Blogging...

With my photography blog and work to keep up with it seems I have neglected my little blog. So I'm going to attempt this year to do a photo of a day blog post everyday! Yes, it seems alot for someone who hasn't blogged for half the year... but here goes!

Maddy is obsessed with Stickers and has been for a very long time. She also refuses to take naps with pants on. She loves creating things and works great doing her sticker "projects", glueing things to paper for hours, or playing with play-doh! Today she also made "baby cakes and baby snakes" with play-doh for 2 hours! I was loving some free time! Anyways, this was one of her first "projects" after her nap I guess! So we had to take this sweet pic to capture her in all her cuteness! I LOVE this sweet little photo of her. And I just noticed how super skinny her legs are! She is a skinny little girl, but this really shows her teeny tiny legs!

We also did a little photo-shoot for my friend Katie's MiaMoo necklaces and accessories today. So today I will have to of course post more than 1 pic! There are so many cute pics to choose from! Here are just a few. I'm sure they will go up for sale on the MiaMoo site soon, but in the meantime, here is a sneak peak of what is to come from MiaMoo very soon!

Mika looked so sweet in these photos. I think I should dress her in soft pinks more often! You would never know what a fiesty little girl she really is through these images! haha. I seriously love both of my girls so much. I think every single day how I never want them to grow up and how I am the luckiest mom in the world. Grateful.