Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Little Mommies

Our morning... filled with clothes clothes and baby dolls. I loved this morning...

Notice Mika in her babies high chair instead of her baby doll. She actually does not like to share the high chair with even her baby doll. If you try to put her baby in the high chair she gets so jealous it's hilarious. Mika watches TV in the high chair even or just sits in it to make sure nothing or no one else will. I'm glad she likes it so much! haha.

Maddy on the other hand is such a sweet little mommy. Btw, Maddy named both baby dolls. Mika's bitty baby's name is "Cherry" and Maddy's baby's name is "Madeline." Maddy helps get both babies dressed for bed most nights and gets them dressed for the day and even cooks them breakfast. It's so cute!


JS said...

I love your new determination to blog! It makes me happy! Your girls are so cute!

karen said...

Such sweet pictures. They'll be such good memories to look back on. It all goes so fast. That's funny about Mika and the high chair.