Friday, January 13, 2012

Tuesday Happenings..

I love mornings with my girls.  Most mornings I get to wake up to one or ALOT of Maddy's new "projects" she makes for me before I wake up.  This morning she made me a gold metallic necklace out of the Gold Playdoh Grandma Nuttall gave her for xmas.  *Disclaimer...don't judge my photography!  These are all shot with my crappy phone camera!  (: ha!

Then off to school!  I just thought Maddy was so cute this morning!  She rarely wears shorts since she always has to wear tights and skirts, but I just love her little legs and she was so happy and cute out the door we had to snap some quick pics!

 Then cute little Mika stole Maddy's lunchbox like she steals everything else from Maddy, but surprisingly no yelling or tears! Just happy smiles for pictures!  Love this shot!
 It is so hard for Mika to go with my to take Maddy to school.  She really just wants to do everything that her sissy does, and I have to pull her away crying EVERY single time!  It's so hard!  She loves Maddy very much, though who knows when she will ever start sharing with her!  Love my girls!

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