Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy 1st Father's Day!

A couple weeks late, but here are some images of Maddy and Tony on his first father's day. Maddy had a cute little outfit to wear to church and made daddy a special tie that he could wear too. It was such a great day.

Tony has been such a wonderful father to Madeline. I feel so lucky everyday to have such a great husband who is such an amazing father. He can change diapers, fix bottles, sing songs he makes up himself, make Maddy laugh, is a great story teller, and so much more. He is always thinking of his family, and puts us first before anything. We love him so much! Thanks Tony for all you do!

4 Generations, Grandpa Olive, Grandpa Nuttall, Daddy Tony, and Maddy... Happy Father's Day to all the fathers!


Amy and Rob said...

Yeah I'm so glad you finally posted! Maddy is soooo much bigger and so cute I miss you guys and can't wait to see you soon!

Blume Bunch said...

LOVE HER! You are such a good mom to make such cute fathers day gifts! Did he really wear it to church?!! :)

The Wonderful Nguyen Family said...

Yep, he totally wore it to church. It was sooo cute!