Saturday, October 11, 2008


Ok, So I have kinda dropped off the planet for awhile, and probably still will be for another week, so I thought I would update everyone on our lives right now...

It has been a long run, but FINALLY we closed escrow on our little fixer upper by the beach. We were almost ready to give up, when it closed just a couple hours before our rate lock expired. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong. Every day for the last 2 weeks it seems there was a major problem dealing with our lender that took up our every minute trying to fix things. The economy I think had a major role in all our problems. The stock market crashed just a couple days before we were origionally supposed to get our loan, and the problems all came pouring in.

So anyways...we have our house and we are soooo happy! Now the renovations begin! We have never done anything like this, so we are a little nervous about the work, but super excited that we get to design the house how we would like it. Now if only we can stay in our budget...

We are also moving this week into my parent's house until our house is livin ready. Hopefully by the new year we can be in our own home and finally settle down!

I can't wait!

Here is our new little house, it's ok now, but imagine it with a cute little white picket fence, all those scary bushes and trees gone, pastel yellow paneling, black shutters, white trim, and lots of colorful Hydrangeas (my favorite flower)... Can you see it?
And here are some recent pics of the fam..


Katie said...

Congratulations! Your house is so cute! -And I don't think the trees and bushes are scary, I actually like them :) I also like the color of the house. Lucky girl! Maddy is cute as always! Love the new flower clips. Call me!

Katie said...

K, I love the pink flowers in these pictures. Have any of those?