Friday, April 24, 2009

Bunny Merry-Go-Round

At South Coast Plaza right now they replaced all the horses on the merry-go-round with bunnies! Maddy was so excited because she now knows all about bunnies after Easter. When we were walking towards the merry-go-round and she saw the bunnies she sat right up in her stroller and screamed! She was sooo excited! I had to take her on it. It was only $1 so we went on twice! I love seeing Maddy so happy. She was so cute!

Here's a little video clip. She loves music! When she hears any kind of music she starts dancing or clapping.


Katie Hatch said...

She's so pretty! Man, merry go round rides are $2.25 here! I'd take Mia twice if it was only a dollar too :)

Anonymous said...

Found your site while I was googling. Hope you don't mind a stranger dropping by your site. =D You have a beautiful family. Your daughter is so cute. Those eyes are so mesmerizing. Just wanted leave a little note that I was here. Have a great day. Take Care!