Saturday, July 11, 2009

Maddy Loves Mickey!

Everyday while eating breakfast, Maddy gets to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She LOVES it! Sometimes I think I need to cut her off though. Now if I accidentally step in front of her high chair, she is trying so hard to look around me and doesn't even notice if I am talking to her! I might be creating a tv addict, but it is sooo cute when we go to Disneyland and she recognizes Mickey Mouse! She loves him so much!

This time, after her portrait with Mickey, I couldn't tear her away from him! And when I finally pulled her away, she escaped again and yelled "Dadda!" so loud while running back to Mickey! Mickey was blushing. It was hilarious! Tony doesn't think it's that funny though. haha.

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Crow Family said...

That is so cute. Keely loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse too!