Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day!

We love our daddy! He is the best ever! He works so hard for our family, and comes home always so excited to see us! He wakes up early to make us breakfast (or buy us yummy bagels) every Saturday morning, and loves his daddy daughter time. He is very loved and we couldn't ask for a better daddy! A few words to describe Tony... hilarious, kind, intelligent, hard-working, loving, caring, sweet, super handsome, silly, clean, friendly, and the list goes on and on...

Maddy was so excited to give Tony all his fathers day gifts, she helped write the card by drawing pics of all the people in our family, and a monkey for some reason.. (=

(Notice the Windex in the background... Windex is pretty much Tony's mascot. He loves Windex and is seldom not having a bottle of it in his hand. I'm so glad it's in this pic cause it reminds us of Tony! (= )

We also made Tony this great tie that he proudly wore to church! Isn't it great!

Here is Tony and the girls... our favorite neighbor Bud is in the background, he gives us chocolate everyday...And in for the closeup...

Happy Father's Day to our one and only! We love you Tony/Daddy!


Monica said...

awwwww...what a cute picture of Tony with his little girls!!

haha...Tony and Windex...Have you seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding? :)

Katie said...

Love the tie and what a cute Dad!