Friday, February 17, 2012

Back to School Night...

Maddy was so excited to show off all the fun projects she had been working on at her Preschool.  She got all dressed up and waited for daddy to come home.  We had to park far away and walk to the preschool since there were so many people attending back to school night.  When we finally got to her door the lights were off.  Yes, I guess I didn't get the memo.  Preschool back to school night was only from 5-5:30, not 5-7:30 like I had thought.  So no pictures from the back to school night that we didn't attend.  Sad.  But here is Maddy posing with her frozen yogurt afterwards!  And all is forgotten! haha.


JS said...

Sad about preschool, but there is nothing better than some golden spoon!

Also, I am laughing at the squirrel story. I think that is such a brilliant idea, but I would totally be running away from the squirrels after remembering rabies too. :)

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